Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes?

You’re eating your favorite tomato dish and accidently spill some of it the floor. Fido races to the casualty and happily cleans up the mess. Oh no! Tomatoes!

Many people have heard that tomatoes are toxic to dogs. This is untrue. If your dog eats tomatoes, he or she will be okay.

Why Tomatoes Aren’t Bad for Dogs

Tomatoes have alpha-tomatine. This substance can be harmful to dogs in extremely large quantities. Tomatoes do not have enough of this substance to make your dog ill.

The leaves and stems of tomato plants have a lot more alpha-tomatine in them, but even though it’s more concentrated, it’s still not enough to make Fido fatally ill. Fido would have to eat a tremendous amount of leaves and stems to cause toxicity.

What May Happen to Tomato Eating Dogs

dog-tomatoTomatoes are acidic and a dog’s intestinal tract has a difficult time absorbing the alph-tomatine, which can end up causing a dog some discomfort. Some dogs will vomit or just be sluggish after eating tomatoes due to an upset stomach. It’s best to give dogs with an upset stomach a lot of love and cuddling. This will make them feel much better until their stomach follows suit.

It is important to note, though, that dog with arthritic conditions should not eat tomatoes as they can make their condition worse. Tomatoes mess with calcium absorption and tend to make joint problems worse. It is the same for humans.

Takeaways for Tomatoes and Dogs

The good news is that you have nothing to worry about if your dog ingests tomatoes. You can be rest assured he will be okay. If he ends up in a tomato patch and eats a lot of leaves and stems, then you should probably take him into the veterinarian office for an evaluation just to be sure he doesn’t need any medical care.

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5 Unusual Ways to Use Tomatoes

Tomatoes aren’t just for eating. You can use them to help you in many other ways. The following tomato remedies will surely be your new go-to supply for typical injuries/conditions.

Ouch – Put a Tomato on that Burn

Burned yourself in the kitchen? Don’t rush for the ice, but instead, grab a tomato, slice a piece off and put it on the burn. The alkalinity of it will stop the pain and help prevent a blister from forming.

Boil Trouble Gone

Boils can be an annoying and unsightly situation. Get rid of it faster with a slice of tomato. Just as it helps with burns, the alkalinity can work itself into the boil and help it heal faster.

Good Times Aftermath Treatment

A hangover can be a difficult reminder of a night of fun. Ease the hangover with tomatoes. It’s unclear why tomatoes are a good cure for hangovers, but it can be effective. It doesn’t matter how you get the tomatoes into your system. Some people choose to put them in an omelet, while others drink tomato juice.

Tomato Acne Remedy

Tomatoes’ nutritional benefits are just as good for the outside of the body as it is for the inside. Many people with acne say that cutting a tomato in half, rubbing it on their face, and then allowing it to sit for 20 minutes helps improve the appearance of acne and helps it heal faster.


Tomatoes are versatile. That’s why it’s important to grab a few Tasti-Lee tomatoes every time you head out to the grocery store. You can use them in many ways besides just putting them in a salad or recipe for lunch or dinner.

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Treat Oily Skin with Tomatoes

Did you know that you can use Tasti-Lee tomatoes to treat oily skin? It’s true! After reading this, you’ll want to run out to the store to get a batch of tomatoes just to smash all over your face.

About Tomato Masks

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. This is perfect for your skin because it thrives on this vitamin. It also contains vitamin A, which is another important vitamin for healthy skin. When you get enough vitamin C and A on your skin, the results will surprise you. Your skin will be brighter and you may just notice it’s clearer too.

For oily skin, the antioxidants and natural acidity of the tomatoes cools the skin and rids it of excess oil. You’ll be left with skin that is smooth, soft, and tight.

How to Make a Tomato Mask

You’ll need one tomato for one face mask. Start by cutting it in half. Take one half at a time and rub it all over your face and neck. Make sure you get every spot. Use the other half when it seems the first one is dry.

Once you’ve rubbed the tomato halves on your skin, leave the juice on there for at least fifteen minutes. This will give it time to seep into your pores and really give you the benefits you’re looking for with this mask.

After the fifteen minutes, wash your face with cold water. This will keep bacteria from spreading and close your pores quickly, so it seals in the moisture.

Give it a Try Today

Head out to the store and buy some tomatoes to give this face mask a try. You can then add it to your regular skin care regimen because it’s natural and gentle.

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Super Tomato Growers End Up with 1,000s of Tomatoes

We thought we were the only ones that could produce thousands of tomatoes a year. Apparently, that is not the case. A couple in Vermillion, Ohio did it on their own. We were so excited to see this in the news that we just had to share it with you.

Unknowingly, the couple in Ohio have become master gardeners. Ron and Mandy Mittelstaedt are still picking tomatoes from their summer tomato growing. Yes, half way through October and they still have their summer harvest.

What will surprise you the most is that they only planted eight tomato plants. Of course, eight tomato plants is still a large number of plants for a backyard gardener, but they never thought they would end up with 1,000s of tomatoes – maybe just a couple hundred.

How Did This Couple Do It?

They didn’t do anything special when planting the tomato seeds. They started the seeds in pots and then placed the pots in the ground when they were large enough. They made sure to water the plants twice a day, making sure the soil was not too dry or too wet.

For fertilizer, they had a drip system. It would take two hours for the liquid fertilizer to drip into the plants.

As you can see, this strategy isn’t too much different than most people’s way of growing tomatoes. It may have had something to do with the plant itself. They read in the Totally Tomatoes Catalog that the Umberto plant could grow to ten feet tall and grow about 250 tomatoes. The Mittelstaedt never thought this would actually be true, but it did happen. Instead of 250 though, they ended up with over a thousand and there are still more coming!

Thousands of Tomatoes, a Gift or a Curse?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what they are doing with all of the tomatoes. They have given a lot of them away and canned the rest of them. As they get more, they will probably just continue to find people who would love to stash them away in their freezer or in cans/jars.
When the couple was asked if they would do this again, they said they would. They even want to try some different varieties to see what else they will do.

All of us at Tasti-Lee are excited to see what happens next year! Maybe they’ll try Tasti-Lee tomatoes next?

Get Your Very Own Tasti-Lee Seeds

Remember, if you’d like to grow your own Tasti-Lee tomatoes, you can find the seeds from these dealers:

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Study Finds People Get More Lycopene When Cooking Tomatoes

There’s nothing like cutting into a fresh tomato and popping a slice into your mouth. It’s juicy, flavorful and healthy, especially when they are Tasti-Lees. But as the fall and winter seasons approach, many people may be looking for a warmer way to enjoy their tomatoes. This usually means they want to include it in soups, sauces, and other comforting foods. And that’s good news because there’s a new study that suggests cooking tomatoes could provide more health benefits.

Lycopene in Cooked Tomatoes

Harvard University released a study in which researchers found that cooked tomatoes may contain more antioxidants than uncooked ones. This is surprising because it’s believed that raw fruits and vegetables are better for you than cooked ones, but tomatoes seem to be an exception.

It’s all about the lycopene in these results. When tomatoes are cooked, people are more likely to eat more of them, which ends up giving them more of that powerful antioxidant. Tomato paste is an example of cooked tomatoes that get compressed to bring people more lycopene.

Lycopene is an antioxidant that has been linked to lower risks of many types of cancer. The study’s findings, by Dr. Edward Giovannucci and Harvard University colleagues, showed that men who consumed tomatoes and tomato products were less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. Many studies also find that lycopene lowers the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Lycopene for a Healthy Body

Now that you know about the healthful benefits of cooked tomatoes, add them to your grocery list this week! There are many recipes online using tomatoes, so you’ll have plenty of options to incorporate them into some cozy fall and winter meals.

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Tomatoes Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

tomatoes-handHeart attacks and stroke claim the lives of people all around the world. High salt and fat intake are major contributors to both conditions, which is why many people have been trying to change their diets to increase longevity.

How the Mediterranean Diet Helps

One diet that many people are turning to is the Mediterranean diet. This is because there has been a lot of research that finds people who eat a Mediterranean diet have a lower risk of heart attack and stroke. In fact, Medical News Today reported this finding from a study conducted in the UK at the University of Cambridge with the support of Cambridge University Hospitals National Health Service Foundation Trust.

The Mediterranean diet consists of a lot of tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. It also focuses on whole grains, legumes and nuts. What’s limited in this diet is red meat, fish and chicken. Healthy fats such as olive oil replaces unhealthy fats such as butter. With the amazing benefits of the Mediterranean diet, many people can save themselves from heart disease and stroke.

The Link – Lycopene

While many researchers will admit they don’t know exactly why the Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke, many believe that a contributing factor is the lycopene in tomatoes. Lycopene is an antioxidant that has a high concentration in tomatoes. It’s more powerful than other antioxidants, including vitamin E.

Medical News Today recently conducted a study in which participants took a lycopene supplement. The study’s results showed that those taking the supplement had a 53% improved blood vessel response to acetylcholine, which is a molecule that affects cardiovascular health.

More Tasti-Lee Tomatoes Please!

The benefits of lycopene in tomatoes cannot be denied! If you don’t eat tomatoes very often, you may want to bring more of them into your diet. And if you’ll be doing that, you’ll want to make sure they’re the best tasting tomatoes around … Tasti-Lee! Learn more about us on our website:

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How to Keep Tomatoes Fresher Longer

You’ve likely dealt with this situation a few times. You buy tomatoes, bring them home, and in a couple days they are already showing their age. You either need to eat or use them that day, or you’ll have to toss them in the trash. The reason for faster aging of tomatoes has to do with the ones you’ve picked and how you’re storing them. Understanding how to keep the tomatoes fresher for longer will help.

Pick Fresher Tomatoes

When searching for tomatoes that will last, look for those that do not have any blemishes or dents in them. These usually have entry points where moisture and bacteria can get inside and start to ripen and rot the tomato. Take your time as you’re picking tomatoes. You can find some great ones in the bunch just by picking a few up to inspect them.

Store them Top Side Down

Always store your tomatoes on a counter or paper lined flat surface. The tomatoes should be faced top-side, or stem-side, down. The stem has cracks and holes that can allow for moisture and bacteria to invade. Just like the bruises and dents, the tomato’s life can be shorter because of it. To keep that from happening, all you have to do is block that entry by storing them top side down.

You can usually get about two more days by following these tips on how to pick and store your tomatoes. This leaves you plenty of time to put them into a salad, in a recipe, or eat them just as they are because they are good that way too.

Strict Quality Control

Our Tasti-Lee tomatoes are subject to strict quality control procedures. The only tomatoes that are placed in the punnets are those that pass inspection, meaning those that are ripe (but not overripe) and don’t have any bruises, dents or other forms of damage on them. Then the punnets are transported to their stores.

Stay up-to-date on tomato and Tasti-Lee news by following our Facebook page:

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Are Red Tomatoes Healthier Than Yellow?

When you’re browsing the produce aisle at your local grocery store, you’ve probably seen two types of tomatoes: red and yellow. There are occasionally other colors as well, but for our purposes, we’ll just stick with red and yellow. Most people simply think red tomatoes taste different from yellow ones, and they don’t think about it again. What these people often don’t think about is that they differ in nutritional value too.

The Differences Between Red and Yellow Tomatoes

The following facts about red and yellow tomatoes will help you see which type is healthier.

  • Red and yellow tomatoes have about the same amount of calories with red having 38 and yellow 32 (if you consider a medium-large size tomato).
  • Red has 10% fiber, while yellow only has 6%.
  • Yellow tomatoes have twice the amount of iron at 6%, with red only having 3%.
  • Yellow tomatoes have 8% phosphorus. Red ones only have 5%.
  • There’s more potassium in yellow ones, but not too much more.
  • There’s much more sodium in yellow tomatoes. Red ones only have 11 mg, and yellow ones have 49 mg.
  • Yellow tomatoes have more zinc though, twice as much as the red kind.
  • You’ll get more vitamin C and A from the red tomatoes, but more vitamin B and folate from yellow ones.
  • Red tomatoes have the cancer fighting lycopene. Unfortunately, yellow tomatoes do not.

Which is Healthier?

When trying to determine if red tomatoes are healthier than yellow ones, there’s really no right answer. Red tomatoes have some nutrients that yellow ones don’t, and yellow ones have some that red ones do not. What that means is eat your tomatoes no matter what color they are because you’ll end up benefiting either way!

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